Monday, September 8, 2014

Still Don't Want to Come Home!

September 8, 2014 (15 more days)

What an incredible week this has been!
Last week, Marite was baptized who I was able to teach in my short time in Compañia and yesterday ANDRES SE BAUTIZOOOO!  It was maybe the greatest day of my life.  What´s more, Ricardo gave the talk!   I forgot to mention that we had a little mini sector change.  We decided with the elders to take a part of their area that had never seen hermanas before and they took a part of our super rich area plus the apartments where Andres lives.  And oh, has it worked out nicely!  We are finding so. many. people.  Anyway, they told us we could keep teaching Andres because he was SO CLOSE, but after a few days we decided  that just wasn´t the Lord´s way and that the elders would be able to help him progress quickly.  And so it was.  I´m guessing you´ve already seen pictures on Facebook. That´s why I hardly ever send pictures, because I know you´re more updated on my life than I AM.  It´s weird how that works out.  
This week was tough.  Mentally.   I just couldn´t grasp the fact that I have to leave all of this.  And I just REALLY didn´t want to.  Still don´t want to.  BUT,  I asked for a blessing from the elders and wow I´m like a new person.  I´ll be ok. My heart will break into a million little pieces, but that´s happened so many times before that I´m used to it.  And it´s ok when that happens, because it gives the Lord a chance to rebuild..  I like when He does that.  It hurts so bad at first.  But it just feels so wonderful after.  The more pain and sorrow we are subjected to, the more glory and joy we can come to have.  
So anyway, just living the dream, rejoicing in the great fun of being one of the Lord´s servants.  Watching blessings unfold in my family and in the families of those I meet.  Feeling like I am really doing my part to build up the church here in Jose Miguel Infante.  Loving the Atonement.  Wishing I could stay forever, but realizing  that simply cannot be.  And coming to know my Savior better and better each day.  I am so blessed that I didn´t have to go home in August.  I would have missed SO MUCH.  So much growth.  So much opportunity.  So many people.  I'd love to  go home in October..... of the year 2050.    It sounds like a joke.  But it´s really just not. (I'm trying not to take this personally!)
I´m going to the temple next wednesday.  I can hardly wait one second more.  I´m dying to get back there.

What plans do we have for that first week home?  Do I have an appointment with Dr. Primack?   Dentist? Hair? Chiropractor? 

How are the elders?  Am I allowed to accompany them or do I have to be a man?  If not, get ready dad.  Are there lots of less actives that need help?    I´m becoming an expert in gluten free cooking.  I´m still not gluten free, because people give me stuff and cry if I don´t eat it. But I experiment at home sometimes when we have like 30 seconds of downtime.  I´ve made some yummy stuff!  Today we are going to fly kites, which is a Chilean tradition in September, the windy month and the month of their fiestas patrias.  The 18th is their fiesta patria day, but it´s really the whole month.  It´s gonna be a SWEET last week.  Anyways, all is well in my world.  May the Lord bless you and may you open your mouths to bless those around you.

Sister Thomas

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