Thursday, September 18, 2014


Last district meeting

Helping Hands Day of Service

The Patriarch and his wife.  I love how she is always having to bend
over so she doesn't tower of the cute Chilean people.

Hiking Cerro Renca

More bending!

September 15, 2014

This week is going to be so crazy.  Today we hiked Cerro Renca.  IT WAS AWESOMEEE!  Seriously.  Had a blast.  My poor companion and the sister we brought with us were nearly dying.  But they made it!  I half-dragged Sister Florcita up the mountain.  It was awesome.  She´s a grandma!  And she did it!  Tomorrow we have mission conference nearly all day.  Miercoles, I went to the temple. Jueves is the 18 of September... which MEANS PARTY!  Seriously.  The Chileans celebrate their fiestas patrias for like two whole weeks.  But we just got the news that we get to participate in the activities on the 18th.  Know what that means?  All of Chile is throwing me one heck of a going away party.  Looks like they liked me after all.  Friday and Saturday should be normal days unless I have to go to the doctor, but I think I´ll go in for last time on Miercoles.  Then Sunday I´ll give my testimony.  And Monday I will leave the most beautiful country in the whole wide world.  But you know what?  I´m tranquila ya.  I´m going to be ok.  And there´s actually a little tidbit of excitement deep down in there starting to surface.  I´m excited to put into practice everything I´ve taught in my own life.  Of course, it´s WAY easier to solve other people´s problems than to solve my own problems.  But I´m ready for it.
OSCAR CHARPINTIER de las isla se bautizooooooooo!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEE!  Gotta say that´s a real life miracle. 
I don´t even know what to say today.  I´m just so... pumped!  This week is going to be awesome!  And I know next week will be just as great.  Just in different ways.
You better believe I am enjoying every. single. second.  This week will undoubtedly be the VERY best week of my whole entire life.  Gonna run it to the end. 

Love you and see you soon,

Hermana Thomas

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