Friday, August 1, 2014

New President, New Changes

July 28, 2014 

Well, this week I did not even try to go gluten free.  It was impossible because i couldn´t communicate myself wih the members well until Sunday.  But starting today, I am gluten free.  I´m in conact with the nurse and another sister who actually has celiac and we are going to just work it out and go hard.  Should be fun!  I´m excited for the challenge!

There have been some huge and unexpected changes around here.  First, Sister Ibarra is no longer with us.  A sister got sent home for knee pain and Sister Ibarra, with just two and a half weeks left, left to Catemu in Los Andes to replace her.   So, I am now Sister training leader 1 and Sister Adamson is number 2.  It´s weird without Sister Ibarra.   It was a good ride with her.  And now it´s a good ride with Sister Adamson.  It´s always a good ride.  

But wait.  There´s more. 

I now only have one hour for internet.
I now have an extra hour on p-day.  
I now have weekly planning after p-day for a hour.
I now wake up a 6:30 and study from 8-10 and work from 10 to 1, eat fom 1-2 and study from 2-3 and work from 3-6:30 and eat DINNER from 6:30 to 7:30 and work from 7:30 to 8:30 and sleep at 10:30.

 I know I need to trust in the revelation that my President has received.  But I won´t lie.  I´m devastated.  The hours we most teach and find are from 6 to 10.  At 10 in the morning?  HA!  With SUERTE they are even awake around here.  Or they´re working.  At 10 at night, the men are home.  They want us to build up the church with priesthood holders... but they tell us to work when single moms and grandmas are at home.  It is a serious test of my faith.  I have no idea how it´s going to work. They changed it because they are worried about our health.  Lots of sisters in particular are having mental breakdowns and their knees don´t work, their feet don't work, etc.  It is true.   My body hurts.  I keep working.  Everyone started to celebrate because they can now eat dinner.  I started to cry because we will now have no one to teach.  I´ll take the leap of faith. 
Ok. my rant is over.  Maybe a little inappropriate.  Or a lot.  But just trying to keep it real.  

It´s sure been fun working with Sister Adamson.  We work well together.  We´re going to see lots of miracles here!

Tell everybody sorrry I can´t respond.  The time is so limited from now on.
Love you all!  Keep up the good work!

Sister Thomas

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