Monday, August 25, 2014

I Had No Idea!

August 18, 2014

I hadn`t even the slightest clue that somebody could acheive such pure, complete, and unending JOY.  I am so inexplicably happy!  I don`t even know how!  It`s like nothing in the whole wide world can possibly get me down.  I pass every second of every day smiling and laughing and loving life and loving the people and loving my Maker.   I don`t know how to describe it.  I wish you could just see me in action here.  I wish  you could watch me walk down the streets and talk to people and teach repentance and love them and prepare them for salvation and to enter in the temple.  It`s just so much FUN!  I was thinking about it this morning.  It`s like Alma.  I had to suffer.  A lot.  Let`s be honest.  To get this point, I suffered in the mission. Even though I always thought I was happy, but now I feel TRUE JOY.  The depth of suffering leads to the greatness of joy.  It`s like this light that just jumps around inside of me all day everyday and makes me want to dance around and declare the restored gospel.  So thats pretty much exactly what I do.
Do you possibly know what kind of fun I am talking about?
I am sorry, but I am just SO NOT IN THE MOOD to come home.  Please pray for me to come home.  I know life has to go on, that I can`t be here forever.  But I would appreciate your prayers.
We have seen SO MANY MIRACLES THIS WEEK.  Things I`ve hoped and prayed for all my mission.  Like real live leaders of our branch out doing real live things to HELP US!!!  They actually invited our focus families, all of them, to a special dinner and to a temple tour that I organized and they are providing means to help them with their family history work.  We have been entering in houses where missionaries hadn`t entered in months and months.  And I TRULY feel like I am doing my part to edify and build up the church.  It`s JUST SO FUN!
I love you all. AND I LOVED SEEING YOUR PICTURES.  I HAVE SUCH A HOTTTTT FAMILY.  Seriously.  You`re so BEAUTIFUL. All of you.
Much love!
Sister Thomas

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