Monday, July 14, 2014

Questions and Answers

June 30, 2014
For my letter this week I will respond to the questions you asked me because I have VERY limited time.
 Today we moved houses because the dueños are coming back to live there.  It was a long processs, but it´s all finished now!  I have a lot of respect for you parents having moved all of us several times.  I officially solemnly swear to never buy a big house.  Ever.
 Our Average Day?
9-12 Study
12-2 Street Contacting
2-3 Lunch
3-10 Street Contacting and appointments.  We try our best to never knock doors.
THE BEST OF THE BEST.  Sister Adamson left this week, which was sad, but she was needed elsewhere.  But it´s fine because Sister Ibarra and I get along so great and work really well together. 
Favorite food?  Least favorite food?
Favorite food is pastel de choclo.  You can only get it in the summer when they grow corn. People don´t use canned stuff.
Least favorite food is blood sausage.  It tastes alright, but just knowing that it´s bllood...
 What are some common foods people serve you?
casuela, carbonada, charkikan, chicken with rice
 Who are you teaching these days?
We have two yes or yes baptisms for July - Maria Pinto and Ricardo Ahumada.  They´re THE BEST. Seriously.  So prepared.  And so pumped to be baptized.
 What kind of service are you doing?
Apart from serving the Lord all day everyday?  Last week we painted a fence.  We have very few scheduled service projects because it´s a rich area and the people look bad if they ask us to help instead of contracting someone. But we are always contacting the people carrying groceries and whatnot to help them.
 How is your new mission president?
Ummm... not sure. Don´t know him yet. Tomorrow we should meet him I think. Just know that there was a minor crisis yesterday and our third companion had to leave us.
 Were you sad when Pres. Essig left?
Devastated.  Like you can´t even imagine. But I´m sure the new President and his wife will also work wonders.
I have to go.
 Love you all,
 Sister Thomas

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