Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014
Puessssss, this week was AWESOME.  Just like every other week.  BUT, I was down and out for two days, sicker then I`ve ever been except maybe when I had apendicitis... but even that was better because at least I was in my house/hospital with medical attention.  As you know, I do lots of exchanges, at bare minimum 6 per change because this change we have six sisters in our group.  Thursday I had an exchange in the centro - Compañía (MY DREAM SECTOR) - where I seriously lived the dream.  IT WAS SO FUN.  Not to mention it was with Hna.Rivera from Mexico who is a true rockstar.  We worked so hard all day long and had a blast! But.  That night!

Oh my word.  Pause.  This drunk guy.  If you could hear him. He is singing so loud and thinks no one hears him.  But boy oh boy do we all hear him.

Anyway! That night was very very cold. Friday morning, I work up feeling a little cold coming on, but nothing to worry about.  We returned to Renca where I packed my bags again and went to another centrico sector.  I started to feel a little bit lousier and lousier.  As we walked and worked quickly, all of my average daily back and hip and leg pains started getting more and more excruciating. And then we were teaching a lesson and I had to stop in the middle because I nearly passed out.   So we went home for the lunch hour and I got back up to work.  But oh my.  It was terrible.  We came back around 7 and I just collapsed onto the floor in the fetal position and hoped I could die right there.  It would have been so much easier.  Straight to the Celestial Kingdom.  But I didn`t die. And the next day, I got up to go back to Renca. That day I stayed with our branch president and his wife while my diligent companions kept up the work.  Sunday,  I woke up unwell, but had to go to church.   Obviously. So I decided that after church I would rest. 

PAUSE: This drunk guy.  Seriously.  You would not believe him.

I needed to make up for my lost days of conctacts because we have to be examples.  So we went out and worked.  And you know what? There I was, contacting on the street when I suddenly saw a woman walking her baby in a stroller.  She was a little far away.  So I kept walking.  But something said,"Stop.  Turn around.  Talk to her."  So I chased that poor lady down thinking she was going to be terrified of me because I ran up like a crazy person and you know what she said?
"Right now, my husband is coming home (and he passed by right then going home), but I want to invite you girls to my house.  I have a friend who is in your religion and she has such a special spiritual peace. And I have had some problems lately and I want to have the spiritual peace that she has.  And so I told her to send her missionaries to my house because I didn`t know how to find them.  I know that you will be able to help me.  Could you come over this week?"
 Being diligent is the best.
 Being a member missionary and an example of the believers and inviting nonmembers into your temple-like home is even better.  Hats off to that sweet sister who has preserved her spiritual peace despite the difficulties of the world and has been an example to her friend who, rest assured, will soon be baptized.
 I worked all the rest of that day.  Imagine if I had given in to my body`s desires to rest!  HA!  I`d rather rest when I`m dead.
 I love you all and I am SO NOT TRUNKY.  If anything, I`m considering extending.  Let the party go on.

Sister Thomas

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