Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21, 2014

So little time AGAIN!!!  Sorry!  Let me know if you prefer a longer family email or better individuals.

Anyway.  After a couple of weeks of ... hard...ness... this week was AWESOME.  We have been diligent and hopeful despite the difficulties of the past few weeks.  Ricardo Ahumada was married Saturday  9 am!  He passed his interview Saturday. And he was baptized yesterday after church.  I think he was the world´s most-wanting-to-be-baptized investigator.  He has been investigating since the change after I left here!  His now-wife was a a once-member-turned-atheist who now believes in and dearly loves her Father and Savior and feels the presence of the Spirit at every turn. It has been such a humbling and wonderful experience to work with this family.    The restored gospel is for everyone and can restore even the most broken families.  I love being a missionary. I want it to never end.  But I know my time is running short.  So I´m working harder than ever.   And I will run through the finish line, knowing that my Father is proud of the work I have done, and knowing that He has accepted my sacrifice to Him, and knowing that that sacrifice, will NEVER end.

Sister Thomas

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