Monday, June 9, 2014

Two worlds colliding!

June 2, 2014

As many of you know, Mara often writes very personal letters that aren't always appropriate to publish here on the blog.  Sometimes she asks me not to publish a certain portion but most of the time, I just know what she wants published and what she doesn't.  Unfortunately, I had to cut out most of this letter because it was very personal.  I think sometimes she forgets she is writing a letter home and makes it out to be more of a journal entry.  It is great for us as her parents because we get to see what is really going on in that extraordinary mind that she has.  Not so great for the rest of you who read her blog just wanting to know what is going on in her world.  Anyway, I tried to leave in as much as  I could.  

Welpt! Have fun in Costa Rica!  I think it`s so funny how you always try to not tell me these things... but someone ALWAYS leaks it. It`s great.  Don`t worry about me!  I can`t possibly get trunky.   HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!! (It is true.  We decided when she left that we wouldn't tell her when and where we are traveling.  Thought it might be easier that way since we know how much she LOVES to travel. But, yet, somehow it always gets back to her.  I think Jessie takes the blame this time.) 

This week has been uncommonly fantastic.  It seems like I say that every Monday... which would mean it`s relatively common.  But today is Tuesday.  So it`s fine. (Just when we think it can't possibly get any better for her in the mission field, it somehow does.  Every week is the best week of her life!)

After sacrament I saw the Jenson family!  What the weird?  EN SERIO!  I was like, "WHAT?  You just saw my family and took this same picture and now we`re taking one here in Chile on the other side of the world!"  So crazy!  Sister Jenson could not have been more inspired. She spoke with us three sisters for quite a while of the miraculous blessings that come to a family with a child on a mission. It was SO COOL to see the power of her testimony, to hear firsthand from a real live mom who speaks english about the blessings that she has been a witness to.  Sister Ireland was getting ready to leave that day and it was such an awesome experience for her to hear all of those things.  Plus, they all flew home together last night!  I sent a letter for you all with her to give to them so they give it to you. And today I sent two postcards in the mail of places I`ve been recently.  They`re cool places.  
And yesterday was Zone Conference.  The last one with the Essigs.  It was WHEW!  Powerful!  Afterwards we all got to shake hands with them.  I gave Sister Essig a big hug and she began to cry.  And then I shook President Essig`s hand and said only this "Gracias por enseñarme como cambiar mi caracter y no solamente mis acciones."   - "Thanks for teaching me how to change my character and not just my actions."  Because that is what he did.  I am so excited to see them when I go to BYU. (Mara's mission president will be released shortly and returning to Logan, Utah where they are from) To have reunions, invite them to my wedding, and watch the BYU- Utah State games at their house (they already invited us!  Hahahaha they`re so funny!)  
Anyway.  That was my week.  Send me pictures from Costa Rica por favor!  Y practiquen su español! Ni crean que les voy a hablar en ingles cuando regrese.
Sister Thomas

Picture taken on May 25, 2014 in Parker, Colorado.  Elder Jenson served in Mara's mission and is also related to our good friends, Eric and Debbie Jenson.  We went to hear him speak at his sacrament meeting.  

Picture taken on June 1, 2014 in Santiago, Chile. Elder Jenson returned to Chile on Monday, May 26 with his parents to tour the mission.  They ended up at church with Mara and took the very same picture one week later.  How cool is that!!!  Thank you, Sister Jenson, for giving my sweet girl a big hug from me!!! 

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