Friday, June 13, 2014

Freezing Cold and Dog Bites But…Never Been Happier!!

June 9, 2014

Well,  it sounds like you truly enjoyed your vacation to Costa Rica.  It must have been amazing.  But believe me when I tell you that I`m not jealous.   I still believe my week to have been better.  And that there is no where else I would rather be than contacting people on the streets, soaking wet in freezing rain, feet wrapped in plastic bags so the water that enters my boots doesn`t make my feet TOO cold, etc.  Sounds terrible?  Wrong.  I`m the happiest I`ve ever been in my entire life.  Every day is so awesome.  Every single day is just so... FUN!  Seriously.  Like I feel like there`s NOTHING in the whole world that can possibly get me down.  I would much rather be teaching and contacting than doing anything else at all.  Crazy, right?  I thought that by now maybe I would start feeling the temptations of getting lazy at the end,  but NADA QUE VER. I`ve got more energy and umph than ever (even though it`s hard for my poor body to keep up with that energy).

A street dog bit me last week.  It hurt.  I didn`t even do anything.  He just ran right up and bit my calf and then ran away.  Like, "Tag, you`re it."

They just recently played that "Here in My Car" song.   It reminded me of dad.

Today we had our sister activity.  We went bowling here in Republica en el Centro.  It was WAY fun.  So awesome.  We were pretty much all terrible,  SO that made it much more enjoyable.

We`ve been doing a whole lot of intercambios.  It`s fun to go to other sectors and watch how the work is unfolding there.  But it is more fun to see how inspired the intercambios are.  How in the precise moment, I am there to help a sister in need or how just in time they come to our sector to give the testimony that an investigator needed to hear.  I love being a sister training leader because I get to learn so much from so many other sisters.  There is pressure, true, because our sector is supposed to be a model for all others to follow.  But with Sister Ibarra, everything is alright.  I LOVE working with her.  I can`t even tell you how awesome it is to be her companion.  We work so hard every single day and we just enjoy every single second.  She will be leaving in August (started the same day I did)…which, by the way,  I also may be leaving in August.  It looks like I have a couple of different departure options.  But either way, we both leave soon.  And by NO means are we at ALL willing to waste one single second.  Our time is running out and we are going to use it to the fullest.

Sometimes I feel more like a marriage counselor or drug therapist or mental health nurse than a missionary.

I am so excited to apply for the nursing program, by the way.  Sister Ibarra is also going to try out for the program this semester. 

Chile plays Australia on Friday I think around 4:00 your time.  It is going to be crazy here.  Don't worry. We will not be on the streets.  We will be home doing our planning.   You will have to watch the game!

Anyway, all is well here.  Just living and preaching the gospel of Christ.


Sister Thomas

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