Monday, May 19, 2014


May 19, 2014

WELPT... You will never guess where I am... again. 
 I seriously cannot even believe it!  I´m BACK IN RENCA!  Same branch.  Same sector.  I´m going to be a sister training leader again, this time with Sister Ibarra.  Sister Ibarra is awesome.  We´ve worked together several times.  She got to the MTC the same day I did.  She has been seeing some serious success here in Jose Miguel Infante.  It´s definitely going to be interesting.  I know the streets, the people, the members, the old investigators, and even the recent converts because of the interchanges I´ve done here.  It´s going to be a little weird but  I´m pumped.  This change is going to only be for four weeks.  I have no idea what will happen after that.  Sister Ibarra leaves August 11th, which would have been my original release date.  I have a new official date,  September 23.  That means 3 more changes.  I´m the only sister that can choose if I am going to extend or not because of my "situation."  I have the option of extending until November 4th.  But I don´t think that´s what the Lord wants.  I may also have the option of extending into the middle of the change (October 13th), but that will depend upon President Videla.  I don´t think that´s what the Lord wants either.  For now, I am feeling really good about September 23rd even though it broke my heart at first.  It´s soooo soon.  Way too soon.  I just love being a missionary.  I know I always say that but I really do.  It´s the greatest joy that there can possibly be.  I can only hope to serve to the fullest of my abilities.  I am excited to work with Sister Ibarra because I know she feels the same way.  Not a second will go to waste. 
It was hard leaving my hijita and all of our hard work in Santa Maria.  But I am sure that the Lord has his purposes and that He knows exactly what He is doing.  Sister Alonso has sort of been left to direct the sector... as a trainee.  Sister Ostler will finish training her, but as I mentioned, she only has 4 weeks to finish up.  Santa Maria is going to be seeing some serious miracles.  

 I am now in one of the nicest homes in the mission.  This house is so awesome.  It´s got three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice kitchen, and a giant open area to study.  We have a patio in front, to one side, AND behind.  Pretty cool.  It gets cold, but I don´t think it will possibly get as cold as the Santa Maria house.

Lately, on our p-days, we pretty much just did shopping and internet because sometimes we had to travel really far to get to the good stores, but here we´re definitely going to do some fun stuff!  We have to take advantage of this time together close to Santiago!

Love you all so much!  I will see you real soon.

Hermana Thomas

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