Monday, January 13, 2014

January 6, 2014 Happy New Year!

Oh my dear family I just love you so so much it´s crazy!

I am just so happy!  This Sunday we had 4 frist-timer less actives and three investigators in church and I saw a COMPLETE change, turn around, however you wanna say it in my companion, and I have been having a blast despite the heat, and I am so happy, and the list goes on and on!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRENNA!! YOU´RE ALMOST AN ADULT!  A REAL LIVE ADULT!  Buy something from the television for me!  Never actually completed my goal with that one. (Mara always said, when she turned 18, she would buy something off an infomercial)  

I seriously have not been able to get over how beautiful you all are.  I have the most beatuiful family in all the  world.  I´ve never seen a family so beautiful and united and peaceful and happy.  If you only knew what it's like to walk around all day in the hot sun and the only houses you enter are ruined, torn homes with drug addicts and spouses that hit and children that scream and husbands with various women.  Of course, that´s the beauty of mission work.  That God prepares such ruined, torn homes and allows us to enter and allows the Spirit to change their lives.  I wouldn´t change my role for anything in the world.  But still. I´m so grateful that  my family doesn´t require that, that you are all trying, striving with all of your might to fulfill the commandments of God on the daily.  Reading, praying, going to church, watching your mouth, watching what you put in your body, watching what you do, thinking before you act or speak, not beatting the crud out of each other or getting so drunk that you lose a new job once a week.  I don´t know why I have been so blessed.  But something I do know is that everyone who serves a mission has a blessed family.  And for that, I am very grateful. 

This week I got to do an intercambio in RENCA!!!   RENCA LA LLEVA!!!!   It was so darn fun. Knowning all the streets, all the investigators. I led my leaders to less active families and investigators that they had never met and that were SUPER READY to progress and it was a day just absolutely full of miracles.

Another miracle came in the form of a joven named Juan.  He´s awesome.  We´re starting a new focus sector... which means a whole lot of street contacts.  We´re trying to do as little door knocking as is at all possible.  Welpt, one day we were searching out someone to invite unto Christ... ya know, the typical... and I saw about the least likely candidate in the whole world.  A young, skinny girl covered in piercings and tattoos and VERY BLUE hair standing outside of a botilleria... that´s like where you buy alcohol.  So, obviously, I contacted her.  As we were talking, out came her best friend Juan with a bottle of alcohol.  We kept talking and they lived far away so I was like hey!  There is a park around her close by I think, do you wanna go find it and share a message with us.  And they said, ya po!  So we went.  And while they drank a little bit, we taught the Restauration.... and then agreed to another lesson.  And in the next lesson, HE CAME!  Juan at least.  And then we invited him to go to church, and you know what... HE CAME!  MIRACLE CHILD.  He´s 18 years old. His mom hates him, his dad is a drug addict, he lives with his grandparents, one of whom died last year... and it´s not a very happy place there either.  So he tries to work, but his lack of education limits him a lot.  So he´s pretty much not very super happy.  And I AM SO HAPPY!!!  All I see is my dear Juanito in a white shirt and tie next year serving in Highlands Ranch and changing his life forever.  I can´t even wait.

This week we had zone conference. It was AMAZING. I tell you what, those things are so wonderful and inspired and downright fun.  
Anyway.  I´ve thought a lot about my time at home lately.  I just wanted to thank you all for having put up with me and for having treateed me with so much love and patience.  I will owe it to each of you forever.

With love bursting!

Sister Thomas

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