Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Holy moly!  Lots of people wrote me today!  Wohoo!  Sorry if this letter has to be a little shorter, but I was pretty darn excited to hear from so many people!  This week we had FOUR MORE first time less actives and 4 investigators in church!  WOOT WOOT WOOT!  But we failed a little bit in some other goals... embarrassingly.  For example, we have to maintain a BUSCAD of 150 each week.  That`s a mix of contacts (1), contacted references (2), and first lessons (5).  We always, easily get AT LEAST 150.  This week was 110.  Yikes.  Don`t worry, I`m not number obsessed, I just wanted to explain more about how the goals work in our mission.  There`s another goal that is MED.  Contacts (!), contacted references (10), lessons with member (15), and other lessons (19).  We always need at least 400, which is easily obtainable. This week we had 338.  Eeeek.  But sometimes things happen.  Like how sometimes you have to legalize yourself in Chile and waste an entire day downtown.  Or sometimes you try to reactivate a less active and take her to the temple grounds to escape her mentally abusive alcoholic husband for a couple hours.  Or sometimes, elders in your ward have three baptisms, and you invite your investigators to go so they can feel the Spirit and want to get baptized too. And so sometimes you have crummy numbers.  But sometimes the Lord understands.

We had CAMBIOS this week! And we both stay together.   
I saw Hermana Antunez this week. If I was a little depressed after the island, NADA QUE VER.  She fell into a serious depression, like had to go to psychologists and take pills.  Poor girl.  She`s lost a ton of weight.  I have too. Thank goodness.   Anyway,   we were so in love with those people, that, when we had to leave, we just couldn`t give them up.  The sister that they sent out to the island because she was so sick in Santiago (the heat was killing her) didn't get better.  They thought that she would do better on the island because it is so much cooler out there.    She has to change missions to Osorno, where it`s super cold, almost Antarctica.  They are sending the trainer of Sister Castillo to the island to replace her which makes me SO INCREDIBLE HAPPY.

We are working hard still with the less actives.  The M family, where the husband is an alcoholic and now has an entire week sober, went to church yesterday.  And the wife who is so hurt because he has "another woman" with children thanks to his addiction and stupidity.  It`s a mess.  But we see them EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And things are changing.  And we are so happy.  And if we are that happy, I can`t imagine how the Lord must feel.  I love less actives.  So much.  Because they already know.  They just sorta... forgot.  

I know it`s lame for missionaries to give challenges to their families, but seeing as how I pretty much never do it... it`s time for just one.  If you could please search out a less-active family and get them to come to dinner this month.  And love them.  So much.  That would be AWESOME.

I love you all so much and rejoice in your successes!
Thanks for celebrating my birthday!  We went to a noche de hogar, and the family surprised me with a cake!  Much love,
Sister Thomas

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