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December 17, 2013

FIRST OFF:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You old man you!  I hope you celebrated deliciously!
2.  I finally found Elder Jenson!  He´s not in my zone, but yesterday we had a Christmas luncheon with the Essigs and a few other zones.  Nice guy.  Good elder.  His name is in the mission news weekly.
3.  Well, here I am in the San Francisco ward nearly dying of heat exhaustion.  I am still in shock that I am here.  I am not going to lie.  It was a rough couple of days at first.  I fell into a complete culture shock and an extremely intensive sadness that I´ve never felt before.  It was not very good... but all is well now!  I´m ready to work.  Right now I am in a trio.  SIster Waters extended her mission and leaves in the middle of the change (2 days after Christmas), so she is the senior companion for a few more days.  Sister Castillo recently finished her training and is a rockstar and more a senior companion than either of the two of us because she knows the sector like the back of her hand, having begun here.  We don´t know anything: streets, investigators, members, less actives, etc... so it´s been kind of interesting letting her direct.  But she does a great job.  I´ve really been quite impressed.  Both of them have a little to work on with obedience... but I figure a good example is the best medicine... unless that medicine doesn´t work and you need to go into surgery.
4.  Speaking of surgery, my feet have absolutely been killing me since I got here, and so, naturally, I began to freak out.  Talked to Sister Essig.  What she suggested didn´t work.  So yesterday I went to the mission doctor.  Turns out I have a new problem that, thank goodness, has nothing to do with the neuroma or even nerves in general.  The problem is that I have two opposing blood problems at the same time... so I can´t take drugs
 for one because it will make the other worse.  You know how in the cold my feet and hands turn freaky white and I can´t feel anything?  Even if it´s not really even cold?  Welpt... turn out that in extreme heat, instead of sucking the blood out, it all puddles down in my feet, inflaming them like balloons and making it rather difficult to walk.  The tragic solution?  Compression socks.  Why tragic?  Welpt... when it´s 90 degrees outside and you´re questioning why you had to go and make sacred covenants with God when you could have been wearing a bathing suit around town... black, knee length compression socks are hardly welcome. (I hope everyone knows she is completely joking when she says this) Either way.  I´m going to buy them (likely today) and start to sweat.  A lot.
5.  Yes I received the small suitcase. (A man in our stake travels to Santiago for work every couple of months so he asked if he could deliver anything to Mara.  I packed a small carryon suitcase with some new skirts, Christmas presents, and snacks.  It was waiting for Mara at the mission home when she returned from the island) So wonderfully thoughtful.  Again, with all of my favorite things and JUST IN TIME for the heat with some wonderfully flowly skirts and shirts that will ensure that my whole body doesn´t fry.  So thank you.  I have not read a single note from either package so that I can open them on Christmas day, as well as the wrapped gifts.  I think I´ll save those for my birthday.  What the birthday.  Can you believe that I´m going to be 20?  Ummm what the old.
6.  I need you to set up a SKYPE ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT forget to send me the password and username and whatever else. WE will likely be talking at about 4:00 here.  Not sure what time it is there.  I think 2:00?    Please don´t forget. (Like she has to ask us not to forget that!!! Funny girl!!!)  I get 40 minutes to talk... including the problems that skype ALWAYS has. (Church wide rule- all mission presidents received a letter from the First Presidency stating missionaries are only allowed to talk for 30-40 minutes either by phone of Skype)  Go to your best internet place and stay there.  Oh wait.  You have internet in your house.  Ya po but anyway thanks and let me know this Monday si o si.
6.  I´m truly sorry to hear about what happened at Arapahoe. I will be praying for everyone this week.  Stay strong!

I love you all so so much!!
Sister Thomas

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