Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Because Mara's p-day was switched to Friday last week, we were fortunate to get another letter two days later.

 Here I am again!  I have officially decided that I will never again agree to do P- Day on a Friday.  It messes up your mind and body like nothing else.  Not to mention, it was the slowest darn week.  We hardly got to work at all.  When the boat comes, we have to be down there on the dock, anxiously awaiting our boxes as they unload giant wooden crate by giant wooden crate and little  cardboard box of rice by little  cardboard box of carrots.  And everybody is so stressed and angry that they have to wait there all day that we can´t even do contacts or offer our service. 

We had our P-day Friday and planning that night.  Saturday and Sunday were General Conference.  At first, I was frustrated about that too, until we began to watch.   Most amazing stuff I´ve ever seen in my whole life!  I couldn´t even believe the power of this conference.  Can you believe that one year ago I was filling out my papers to serve a mission?  And a couple days before I said that never, would I ever serve a mission?  The coolest part was when President Monson began on Saturday morning, telling how the Church was first established with 6 people.  In our teeny little chapel, in that very moment, we had 6 people (granted, 4 were missionaries and the other two were the ex-Branch President of 27 years and his wife... but either way, we were SIX).  And then how they gave a shout-out to the islands of the Pacific in the Sunday afternoon session.  That was awesome too because we had an investigator there!  WOOT WOOT! His name is Loco-Bruno.  Well, that´s what the town calls him anyway.  But he´s really not that loco.  He´s actually the coolest old man I know.  And he´s so going to be baptized.  And then he will even be cooler.

We received word yesterday that the Chirinos (couple serving on the island with the girls) will be replaced in January by the Jennings - an American couple.  This is serious news.  It most likely means that at least one of us will accompany the Chirinos back to Santiago.

Yesterday we had two beautiful lessons with two people who are neighbors and searching for truth.  It is the coolest thing.  Last week as part of our planning session we chose, according to the Spirit, two sectors in which we would put all of our focus.  Since then, every investigator with serious potential that we have found lives within either of the two sectors.  It´s awesome.  Sorry I don´t have much time to write today, but thank you, each of you for your emails and for, as Justin says, being "AWESOME."
I love you so much!
Sister Thomas

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