Monday, October 7, 2013

La Isla de Robinson Crusoe!! I'm Here!!

October 7, 2013

She arrived!!  I'm so glad I didn't know what day she was flying over.  I would have worried all day long.  Now that I know she is there safely, I can hopefully relax and enjoy the experience along with her!!  

WELPT!!!  Here I am!
The secretary called us Thursday night to inform us that we would actually be leaving the following morning.  Because I had prepared well, I was ready by the time it was time for bed.  Unfortunately I had to stay up with my companion until two and then wake up at 5:30 to finish all her mess.  But, we finished, and we left for the office.  There, the historian and financiero drove us to a little private runway run by LASSA (I think?).  We flew in a plane that seats five passengers, but there was only one other besides us.  You better believe she was taught lesson one.  She´s the mom of the lawyer here. (She makes it sound like there is only one lawyer on the island. Maybe so?)  When we got here, turned out that the lawyer is an investigator of the elders.  Small world.  Anyway, it was an amazing adventure.  As we neared the island... it was a sight absolutely indescribable.  Utterly beautiful.  It was a sunny day with a few clouds touching the peaks of the cliffs.  It literally looked like the island of Neverland when Peter Pan and the kids are flying over it.  Absolutely breathtaking.  And you know what, my camera died right in that instant.  But that´s ok, because I was able to enjoy it and marvel in the beauty of the earth that God created.  When we landed, they drove us down to a dock in a lagoon that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  Cliffs hundreds of feet tall with crystal blue water, and hundreds of seals.  Hundreds.  Playing in the water, flopping around on the rocks, welcoming us to their beautiful home.  We got in a boat and made our way around the island. (Awww dang! I was sort of hoping she would get the donkey experience.) I´m not kidding it was the most amazing thing I´ve ever done.  I cannot wait to be able to take you all here someday.  Can´t wait.  When we arrived, the elders ran down to greet us.  Los Chirinos, the matrimonio misional, had prepared us a lovely lunch, and we all sat down to eat fish.    I´ve eaten fish everyday.  That´s about all they eat here. (Good thing she loves fish.  Brenna would starve to death.)Los Chirinos have got to live in the best place in the whole island, on top of a hill where you can literally see everything.  The elders live in the house that we should have moved into, but instead we are in a hotel.  Either way, when they leave, we will not be living in that house.(Not sure where she will be living.)  But anyway, we came well-prepared.   We came with serious plans and began putting them into effect immediately.   I am quite tired, in every respect, but I am doing well.  To get anywhere you have two options: hike up a mountain or hike down a mountain.  Both of which can be pretty tiring after a while.  But that´s ok, because we´re getting stronger each day. (I pray her foot holds up with all that up and downhill walking.)
I love you all so much and hope that you absolutely LOVE visiting the  islands for fall break.  If you see any poor missionaries that are sick of fish, buy them a steak. 

Much love,
Sister Thomas

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