Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 19, 2013 Miracles and Surprises

Happy Anniversary mom and dad!  Or maybe it´s next week.  Wow I don´t even know what day it is today, but happy almost anniversary anyway!
 President recently released some norms for the mission that I didn´t know about and so I´ve spent quite a bit of time deleting music today that is appropriate... but not appropriate enough. I´ll have to finish next week.  The good news is that the hermanos came to raise our fence and finally give us some protection!  That´s why I had to cut it short at first.  Woohoo!  No more mean ice cream truck drivers are going to jump OUR fence! 
I titled the letter Surprises because we had many this week.  As you know, we have a lot of people we are teaching.  Such that we expected AT LEAST ten investigators in church yesterday.  Not a single one showed up.  And we even went with a sister to pick them up in her car.   We were pretty sad.  Devastated actually.  We felt like we hadn´t worked as hard as we should have in the week and that, as we feel pretty much every Sunday night, we had failed in our goals.  But when we sent our numbers in last night, turns out we had the second highest, by one point, MED in our zone.   We were shocked.  Sometimes... or better said MOST TIMES... we stress out too much and feel like failures and like we´re never going to attain our goals and become just like Christ and be perfect missionaries and understand the Atonement completely and have all the gifts of the Spirit and all of the attributes of Christ and be truly LIVING, not just studying, Preach My Gospel... and then we remember that it´s ok.  That the grace of the Atonement makes up for all that we´re not - as long as we are doing everything in our power to be the best we can be.
Of course that "be the best we can be" is the really hard part that gives me a whole lot of stress.  I most of the time wonder how I´m going to achieve everything in so short a time.  I mean really.  Eighteen months is like... absolutely nothing.  When we set goals for a change, six weeks is absolutely nothing.  When we set goals for a week, 7 days is absolutely nothing.  When we set goals for a day, 24 hours is absolutely nothing!  Sometimes I get stressed.  But it´s fine. Step by step I´ll climb the highest mountain, right?
At lunch this past week, the family was watching Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas and I´ve had the picture of Brenna singing "As long as there´s Christmas, I truly believe" stuck in my head all week long.

I hope you understand how truly happy I am.  Everyday I wake up and can´t believe I´m here.  People tell me that it´ll wear off, but that´s impossible.  I look at Renca Hill or at the Cordillera or the people I teach and I just can´t believe how blessed I am to be here sharing the gospel and working in the Lord´s vinyard.
I love you all so much!
Sister Thomas

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