Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 5, 2013

Wow!  How quickly the time passes!  After responding to everyone I only have 22 minutes today!  Sheesh!  But I can´t thank you enough for all of your letters.  How I adore them.  It may be more efficient to write via DearElder?  I´m also  as to whether they  always arrive.  But we should be able to receive them every Wednesday except change day week (every 6 weeks).  But DearElder or not.  Wow. Thank you so much.
We were unable to have our two baptisms this week because the father of Caroline was unable to attend.  And we really want to baptize him.....because he´s awesome, he just doesn´t know it yet.  Somebody please tell me how to spell baptize in english. I cannot remember for the life of me.  Anyway, we know that if he can attend, he´ll fell the Spirit and want it for his family.  So, they will be held this coming Saturday.
Last week, President Essig came out with a new "thing" called BUSCAD, or Search.  As a minimum, we have to get 140 points each week.  Points are earned by: one for every contact, 10 for every contacted referral.  So 140 contacts or 14 contacted referrals, or any combination of the two.  The first week, wow, we had a BUSCAD of about a bajillion.  We were a teensy bit frustrated because we did everything and seriously got NOTHING out of it.  Welpt.  How wrong we were.  This week, we gained FIFTEEN new investigators, almost every one of them thanks to our searching efforts of the previous week. It was miraculous.
Today we went to Lider (WalMart) inside of a mall.  Holy moley.  This mall. It´s probably triple the size of Park Meadows and just as nice if not nicer. I felt at home.  I could´ve stayed there all day.  It had all the US stores and it was clean and it was...awesome.  There was even a food court filled with such things like Taco Bell, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway. I was in Heaven.  Granted we ate at some cheepo place, but we watched in awe as the rich folk bought their Kentucky Fried Chicken with French Fries.  Wow.  The money those people must have. 
Haha. Just kidding.  Except for... not really at all. We´re pretty poor around here.  But it´s a good poor. I like it.  The truth is that, "poor" for me is a dream here for many of the missionaries in my mission.  For lots of these kids, it´s the most money they´ve ever seen and will ever see in their entire lives.  Sister Mora´s trainer was an orphan from Peru who worked from the age of 8 to provide for her five younger siblings.  It´s unbelievable sometimes the kind of people I meet and the things I see.  I can´t believe how much I have.  I have EVERYTHING.   But I can hardly go around offering my home and my everything to everyone in Chile.  I wish I could.  Hermana Mora and I have big plans to become billionaires and buy things, you know, like food, for people.
On another note, we also have big plans to get her into BYU.  Anybody interested in doing research on requirements, money necessary, etc. for foreigners?  We would love some information if you can get it. I am sorry I always have such requests. I know you all have zero time. But if you ever get a second, we would love to know.  Here in the mission, she can take an english proficiency test for BYU to get a certificate that says she speaks fluently.  But that´s not enough.  We need to get her there.  And she needs to be my roommate... so.... I´m going to have to make that happen.  Well, she has to really, but we are going to do it!

I am sorry this letter is so short today, but I will let you know next week how everything goes with our 15 nuevos! We are pretty excited to keep up the search and teach at the same time.  This is our goal this week.  To integrate the two so that we constantly have investigators that are actually progressing.
I love you all so so so much!
Sis. T.

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