Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 12, 2013

A Week Full of Miracles!!

This week has been absolutely chalk full of miracles.  Miracle after miracle after miracle.  Day after day.  First off, just found out that MARIAPAZ got baptized!!!!!!!!!  WOOHOOOOOOOO!  I am seriously so ecstatic right now.
Second, on Saturday, Massiel and Caroline were baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOHOOOOOO!  The water was absolutely FREEZING. They told us that the calefont had been fixed.  Turned out they were a bit confused. It was not in fact fixed.  It was ice water instead.  Darn. But it was beautiful anyway.  Alejandra, another sister who was baptized about a month ago and who we dearly adore bore her powerful testimony about how her conversion changed everything for her.  It was really lovely.  Truly.  Rodrigo and Jenifer - Caroline´s parents - were both able to attend.  We recently had the talk about marriage with them and I really think they are going to be willing to get married soon.  Thank goodness.  Jenifer needs to get baptized.  And, obvi, so does Rodrigo.  He´s just going to need a little bit more time.
Third, yesterday Massiel, Alejandra, and Caroline were all confirmed and given the Holy Ghost together!!!!
Fourth, we found SIXTEEN new investigators this week.  Two of them are for sure for sure going to get baptized - yes or yes (as they always say here).  They are 14 and 12. Jasmin and Dani.  They both smoke, have tons of piercings, and have rather complicated lives.  They are best friends.  Dani lives across the street from Jazmin but is basically always in Jazmin´s house.  Dani´s parents are hippies. We found out yesterday that Jazmin´s mom is MORMON.  What the surprise! Our jaws literally dropped and we were speechless.  She´s got all kinds of problems as well but she truly wants the best for her troubled child.  She kept it a secret for a good 15 years.  Jazmin didn´t even know. But never fear, she´ll be reactivated in no time.Yesterday, we went to teach them the Law of Chastity, accompanied by the now-member Massiel who also used to smoke and have tons of piercings and whatnot.  They immediately began to take out their piercings right there in front of us and gave them to us as little gifts.  I couldn´t believe the faith of these young women.  They promised to quit smoking.  They also attended the baptisms Saturday and church yesterday.
Also, we always hear that Peruvians are super receptive.   Welpt.  We found a Peruvian family this week. And oh my receptive.  They are awesome. Sister Mora and I are going to convert an army of missionaries.  MariaPaz, Massiel, Jazmin, and Dani all want to serve missions.  We are also working with these Peruvians, one of which is 20 and a bunch of other family with young men and women.  We are pumped.  As always.

Fifth, speaking of church yesterday holy moly. We had SIXTY ONE people in church!!! In our little teeny branch. It was unbelievable.  Lots of our less actives came and shocked the absolute bejeebers out of us.  We were so unbelievably happy we could barely speak.
Sixth, we have had to travel lately almost every single day.  Sister Mora has been having extreme back pains so we´ve been going to the MTC doctor here who is a missionary with his wife from Utah.  The temple and MTC are about an hour and a half away if you are lucky enough to get all of the right busses and metros and whatnot in perfect timing. In a car it´s probably 25 minutes or so.To ride the public transportation, you have to have a BIP. It´s kind of like the lightrail card.  But you have to be always putting money on it. Well, we´re poor, so we put a teeney bit at a time.  Four times this week we had to travel and four times this week we were blessed with a miracle to get us to our destination.One of the times, we had no cash to charge the BIP and we had no place to charge it and we had only one pasaje (only in metro stations... but we have to take a bus to get to a station). As we left the house, we found 2 mil pesos on the ground and the BIP worked for two pasajes!  We were astounded.  Another time, we were running late and again had no BIP. Right in that moment our sweet neighbor pulled out for work and asked if we would let her drive us to our destination.  We were like, uh, yes please?  Another time, we ran out of BIP when we were almost home and had to take one more bus ride.  There was nothing near. No taxis. Nothing. All of a sudden, one of the bus helpers said "Hermana Mora!"  Turns out it was an old investiagtor. He got us on the bus for free and off we went.  And this morning we were running late again and out of nowhere appeared the one bus that could get us all the way to the temple in no time. No time being an hour, but still. It was awesome.
Funny moment: Lots of people here watch tv in english with subtitles, right?  Yeah, well, we were teaching this one really sweet lady - Karen - this week.  Sister Mora was talking about the importance of baptism and what was on?  Friends.  Usually we always ask people to turn off the Tv right when we walk in, but we forgot.  Right as she was explaining how we can be truly clean of everything that has happened in our past Joey said "You hired a MANNY?"  You better beieve I wanted to die. I was laughing so hard inside my poor little head I thought I was going to explode.
I love you all so much!  Keep up the good work! I always look forward to your wonderfully exciting emails. And don´t forget about DearElder.  Let me know if you´ve done it or not so I can know if it works.  So far nothing has come through Dear Elder.
Much LOVE!!!!!!!
Sister Thomas

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