Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013


Wow.  You guys would not believe the week I have had.  In a nutshell:
Monday: sick
Monday night: Work anyway.  Most successful night in weeks.
Tuesday: Zone Conference and interchange with Hna Ibarra
Tuesday night, Hna Ibarra gets sick.
Wednesday: Hna Ibarra is really really sick.  Go to Dr. (Stake President) in San Felipe.  He gives her lots of medicines and whatnot including a series of injections she has to take.  Our bishop is a doctor, so we decide it will be fine for him to give her them.
Wednesday night: Bishop never shows up and she´s like dying.  Go to stay the night at President Perez´s home in San Felipe.
Thursday: Full day in their home. Can't change back because we´re both contagious.
Thursday night: Change back to normal companions.
Friday:  I get really sick again.
Friday night: work anyway.
Saturday: Finally normal day.  Seems like everyone we talk to is sick.  Some people say there was water contamination.  I say  it´s the dang kisses everyone insists on giving even when they´re deathly ill.
Sunday: FORTY ONE people in CHURCH!!!!!  Lots of less actives came!!!  And... we didn´t even work this week!  How?  Still clueless.
Sunday night... late: Call from President.  Emergency transfers tomorrow morning.
Monday:  I am now officially in Renca with Hermana Mora, where I am guessing I will be for quite a while.  Renca is a suburb of Santiago like Quilicura.

Literally can´t believe it.  I was devastated at first.  Buuuuutttt the Lord has a plan.  And it is absolutely beautiful here in Renca.  Not to mention we are in a super nice area with a ridiculously nice home.  But as we were walking here I noted that it´s half an half.  There are little cardboard shacks on one side of the street, and beautiful, brand new condos on the other.  Fascinating.

Anyway.  To break it down a little better.

Monday I was sick with a stomach something or other.  Throwing up and just really not doing well, but I began to feel better that night so we went out and worked and were shocked with the blessings we received.

Tuesday was Zone Conference.  It was seriously unbelievable.  Absolutely incredible.  We learned all about how to control our stress in the mission.  President and his wife were there and are such wonderful people.  Truly.  I can´t even describe how wonderful they are.  We had a full on almuerzo prepared by nearby members and played games and practiced teaching and learned so much and just had a blast in general.  It was so much fun!  Because Hermana Anderson has to do interchanges, we changed that day.  The conference ended at 5ish and Hna Ibarra and I got back to Centenario around 6:30.  She is awesome.  She is also in pre-nursing at BYU, is from Miami, and speaks both languages perfectly.  Her mom is from Honduras and her dad is from Cuba.  She is seriously so great, but after our appointments that night she was really not doing well at all.  I felt so bad!  She had had a fever all day and her throat was killing her and not told me and I had made her run around with me to various appointments in the cold.  She called HnaEssig for permission to sleep in in the morning.  

I got up the next day and studied until she got up around 12.  She was not well.  She had like balls of pus in her throat and her fever still hadn´t broken.  Not to mention she felt nauseous and had a splitting headache.  Our bishop and his wife are both doctors, but she knows President Perez pretty well so we decided to go see him instead.  My throat was also beginning to hurt.  He absolutely loaded her up with all kinds of drugs.  It really was probably very unnecessary.  HnaEssig thinks she would have been fine with a simple amoxicillin, but... Chilenos really like to exaggerate things.  Everything actually.  Anyway so we had to go buy a bunch of penicillin injections and have our bishop give them to her two time a day.  Well, we went home and waited all day for our bishop.  He called us at 10:00 at night to say that he couldn´t make it... so darn.  We called President Perez and he told us to get our hinies over to his house.  So we did.  With permission from HnaEssig of course.  We arrived at about midnight.

The next day we both slept in (again, with permission, obvio).  I played nurse all day, giving her her various remedies almost every hour.  I was also taking something, but I was feeling pretty good.  I think it was more like a precautionary antibiotic.  President Perez even taught me how and let me give her one of her injections.  It was so fun!!  They live, literally, in a mansion.  Not just like a mansion for Chilean standards.  I´m talking giant mansion on acres and acres of property with a pool and dishwasher and dryer and two cars - like normal cars.  Their home is huge and absolutely stunning.  I felt like I was in a magazine for a "Chilean Vacation."  That night, we were officially 24 hours into our antibiotics so we were able to change back to our companions.  Except when they arrived, Hna Anderson let the taxi go without us in it for some reason.  We were out in the campo or, like farmland.... where taxis are not.  And especially not at 9:00 at night.  Sister Perez drove us into the city of San Felipe where we eventually found a taxi that we had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to take us home... she learned her lesson that day hahaha.  But, we arrived in safety at least!

Friday morning, I woke up with the same miserable sickness from Monday.  Luckily I didn´t throw up this time, but it was still pretty bad.  By Friday night I was doing better and we went out to work.

Saturday and Sunday were lovely, full of lessons to make up for our lost time.  Though still, our numbers for this week were... well.... unfortunate.

When I reported last night to my district leader, he was like... uhhhh.... What happened to you sisters?  Then the zone leader called a little while later like, uhhh, are you alright?  So, when President called, I assumed I was once again about to face the shame of my numbers.  But no.  He asked if I was feeling better and if I had regained my strength.  I said yes, thank you, I´m doing very well now.  And he said, perfect, because tomorrow morning I need you to report to the office with your companion for changes.  I couldn´t believe it.  Like literally stunned.  Speechless.  Chile Santiago Norte is a visa waiting mission.  Two missionaries received their visas yesterday for Venezuela and had to leave today.  Sooooo  the Lord chose Sister Anderson and I to fill in the gaps.  Sister Anderson is going to remain in LosAndes for the two weeks she has left with a sister that is about to finish her training, and I will be here, in Renca with Sister Mora.

Sister Mora is great.  She trained Hermana Shaw!!! It seems that they were like best friends... and since Hna. Shaw and I were best friends in the MTC... I´d say those are pretty good odds.  She is originally from Ecuador, but has spent the last 9 years in Spain.  She is in her 8th month here.  I´m guessing that I will finish my training with her.  She doesn´t speak much English, actually hardly any which is awesome.  It´s time to really submerge myself.  I know I´m going to learn a ton here.  Also, she is a recent convert of four years, so that´s pretty cool!  I wanted a convert companion!  And a Latina companion.  Haha.  I guess you get what you wish for.  I also wanted a really poor area.  Hna. Anderson told me that we have some of the poorest areas in the whole mission. I´m not sure if we actually work there or not... but it seems that the Lord is listening.  We share our branch with two elders.  And that´s really about all I know for this area.  I think it´s going to be great!  

Because of all the chaos, once again, I was unable to bring my camera this week.  I´m so sorry, but I´ll really try next week. Promise.  I think some people are going to begin adding me on facebook here soon, so hopefully they can post some pictures of me.

I have a new plan: to write until 15 minutes before I have to close out so that if anybody is on we can chat for a few minutes.

It is very very difficult for me to send letters.  But I sent one with Hna. Anderson to deliver to you once she arrives!  Also, she is going to be in Aspen several times in the next month and wants to visit you all!  I told her maybe... maybe... you could meet halfway in Vail or something?  Just an idea.  I gave her your information just in case.

Much love to all!
Hermanita Thomas

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