Friday, May 3, 2013

Sounds Pretty Good, Eh?

Hola, qué tal todos?

As of today, I am OFFICIALLY CRPS FREE.  That's right.  CRPS free.  It was a big day.  Not only that, but I have specially designed orthotics that should fix not only my feet, but my ankles, knees, hips, and back.  

(Fun fact:  For those of you who don't know, I'm a 19-year-old in a grandma's body.  That truth is that if I hadn't have gotten sent home to be fixed, I may not have made it through the rest of my mission anyway due to all of my other joint problems.  What blessings come from trials!)

I also have a newfound hope in... drum roll please...

EASTERN medicine.

Magnets, acupuncture, DMSO, the whole nine yards - you name it, I'll try it.  It's pretty fun!  Why can't both worlds exist anyway?  People were healed thousands of years ago by all that stuff, so why not today?  I feel like eastern and western cultures combined may be just the trick.  Add some orthotics, prescription drugs, and steroid injections in there and you've got yourself a healed foot.  I began to realize that every doctor had a different opinion and it began to seem that none of them really knew what they were talking about.  Of course, they do... but I've got to listen to my own body.  So I'm taking matters into my own hands, designing my own strengthening work-outs to heal myself right on up.

Someone recently told me "There are secrets to healing, and they are often different for every person.  You have to find those secrets and listen as the Holy Ghost confirms to you what methods you should try."

That being said, I am SO OPEN to suggestions.  Got any ideas?  Post them here!  I'd love to hear what you've got to say!

Also, I would just like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.  All of you who have reached out to me and been so thoughtful and caring.  All of you who have been praying for me.  All of you who have been fasting for me.  All of you who have even just thought about me.

I can feel it.  Not even kidding.  Those prayers have given me such strength.  Your prayers have allowed me to feel so much love and have calmed my fears.

I am so eternally grateful especially for the family with which I have been blessed.  The support they have shown me from the very beginning has been unbelievable.  Since the announcement, they have been with me every step of the way.  
Accepting my decision to serve.  Helping me to prepare.  Letting me go.  Praying for me.  Letting me come home.  Helping me to prepare.  Accepting my decision to serve again.  And loving me through it all.  I love them so much.  I am so glad to know that through the redeeming power of the Atonement and the sealing power of the temple, I will get to live with my family forever. 

I will live with my family 
Not just for a little while.
Not just until death.
With God.
In Paradasaical Glory.
In a kingdom, a celestial kingdom.
With a Heavenly King.

Sounds pretty good, eh?

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