Friday, April 5, 2013

Letter #8

Pues... it's been an interesting week.  At the beginning of the week I was told I'd get to take the boot off on Thursday and start integrating into shoes.  Then I went in on Thursday, told the doctor that it was still a little sore but doing well - surely only sore because I had been fully walking on it for the first time in weeks for three days straight.  He got scared though... more scared than I was expecting and sent me out to yet ANOTHER podiatrist.  He said I'd probably have to come home for a few weeks and make absolutely certain that I could walk perfectly well.  That was, as you can imagine, rather difficult for me to hear.  Then I went to the podiatrist and see said basically "Get out of here and get to Chile."  He gave me a little wrap, some special inserts and instructed me on how to tape my toes.  That was, as you can imagine, the best moment of my life.  So I took off the boot and started wearing shoes.  Unfortunately, his little wrap device cuts off all circulation to my foot and makes it far more painful than it is normally... so I went in to Doctor Brown today to report.  He said to take off the wrap, but the insert in the boot and wear it until Monday at which point I will go back to see Dr. Rogers (the podiatrist) and ask him why he wants my foot to fall off... just kidding... sorta.  Then I'll have a deciding appointment on Tuesday morning at 8 after my companion leaves (although I may just go in after the one on Monday).  It is all just so confusing and insane and I don't know what else.  If there's nothing there, why am I in pain?  Of course, the only solution that my frazzled brain can come up with is leftover soreness.  That seems to be a relatively accurate conclusion as far as I can tell.  So, that being said, I plan on leaving very soon.  Very soon.  I saw a friend at the temple this morning who said "What are you still doing here?  We sent your letters to Chile!"  If nothing else, I've gotta get down there just to read those letters!  Just kidding... sorta... again.  Anyway.

So Easter was AMAZING.  We had a combined sacrament meeting with the whole mission (many were in the overflow of course).  It went off without a hitch.  All 3000+ had partaken within a matter of 15 minutes.  They had about four tables in the auditorium.  One elder said the prayer to bless everything and then an army of probably 30 or so passers went out.  So cool.  Seriously so cool.  Then the Presiding Bishop - Bishop Gausse - spoke to us, along with his wife.  That night we got to listen to Sheri Dew.  She was, as always, phenomenal.  On Tuesday night, we heard from Elder Ringwood of the Seventy.  His talk was my favorite.  He talked about how this mission is a preparation for "The most important work we will ever do" as described by President.... I forgot who.... when we said that "The most important work we ever do will be within the walls of our own home."  We are preparing ourselves to raise families unto the Lord.  As he spoke, though, I could only think about all of the blessings that you have been receiving.  Even though I am not "within the walls of [our] home," I hope you can still feel how fervently I pray for you and how desperately I want for my service to bless you. 

We are SO excited for General Conference this weekend.  Make sure you all come prepared with a question or two or three.  I promise they will be answered if you are willing to listen and accept the Lord's will.

As I understand, my date has been moved to April 15th... but my plan is next Friday.  Hehe I guess if I've learned anything, my plans rarely work out... pero vamos a ver!

My district is pretty interesting.  Like I said, my companion and I are the only "blancas."  BUT, we are now at a point where we can understand most if not all of what the rest of our district is saying.  From what I have heard, though, Chilean spanish is like a whole new language and they talk so fast that some natives can't even understand them.  Awesome.  Bring it on.  I'm so excited to learn how to speak like them.  My companion is from Rexburg, goes to BYU Hawaii, but will go to BYU when she gets back, and is going to Seattle, Washington. 

Anyway.  I am livin the dream and lovin the life up here at the CCM!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and love and fasting and temple-going and thoughts and whatever else.  I just am so filled with love whenever I think about you.

One real quick last thing.  My purpose as a misisonary is to "invite others to come unto Christ."  This includes members of course, but this also includes the friends of members.  I recently was teaching in the TRC where volunteers come in to be taught.  We decided to actually commit him to talk to someone about the church.  He got really offended and left afterwards without leaving us any feedback or saying goodbye.  Awkward.  But not really at all.  That's my job and my calling.  I fear that sometimes members become way too comfortable in their own progression and forget about that of those around us.  Not that any of you feel that way, BUT I just thought it would be cool to invite all of you to, before my next email... which will be either Monday or Tuesday probs... think of someone you can share the gospel with, pray about them, make a plan about what to do, and SHARE IT!  Think of how much power you have as members!  You literally have a "mantle of membership" upon your shoulders.  Mantles aren't just for prophets. You have a lot of power, and if you open your mouth, the Spirit will direct you in what to say. 

Hermana Thomas

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