Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter #6

Dearest Family,
I love you all so much.  As a missionary, your capacity to love is somehow miraculously extended, and you are no exception.  I have never loved you all so much in my whole life.  I'm sorry you had to hear me sad last week.  I promise it was just one day, and then I was over it and I was actually excited!  I'm actually glad to be here.  So many things have already happened just in the past two days where I have realized that the Lord just really doesn't make mistakes.  Thank you for your AMAZING package.  That was probably the best thing that has ever happened.  Like ever.  We are going to set up an easter egg hunt, maybe this afternoon in our classroom.  Also, last week, I was filmed while singing in the choir for a special they are going to do on the MTC during Conference.  Look for me!  I think it'll be on Saturday afternoon.  

On Sunday, I met with President Wilkins.  It was a very power-packed, Spiritual meeting where we decided what my course of action would be for the next few weeks.  I told him that I was honestly ready and willing to do anything and everything the Lord asked of me.  I am His servant and I am here to serve, not to just waste a couple extra weeks.  My purpose is to "Invite others to come unto Christ" and that includes everyone I come in contact with - even those in the MTC.  I was ready to have President Wilkins tell me what the Lord wanted.  He refused.  He put me on the spot and asked me to search my heart for my righteous desire.  I was stumped.  What?  I'll do anything.  Just tell me. It's fine. NO, he said.  You need to make a decision and present it before the Lord.  He reminded me of the three Nephites who had a righteous desire but were unwilling to ask it of the Lord.  He knew anyway and granted them their desire.  I sat in silence for a few minutes. Confused.  Then I realized that what I really wanted to do was be in an advanced class.  I told him, but told him that I felt like I was being so selfish in that desire and that it could hardly be righteous.  He asked why I wanted to do that and I replied that I really just wanted to progress as well as I could to be better prepared for the field.  He told me that that, of course, was not an unrighteous desire, because I just wanted to be the best misisonary I can be.  It all felt so right.  I had presented my decision before the Lord (through President Wilkins) and He had accepted it.  I went about my day in excitement!  This was my new calling and I was going to be able to help the new sisters in whatever way I can.

I am staying within my zone until 1:45 on Thursdsay afternoon at which I point I will join the new advanced spanish class - all of which speak spanish as their home language - and will begin my new calling!  Well, then again, it really has already begun.

The rest of this letter isn't really appropriate for public viewing.  I go into a story that is very personal for me... but hopefully this is good enough!

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